Long road ahead…

Played a couple of rounds at the dreaded Lagoon Valley Park, today. Dreaded because I lose a disc there every time, and today was no exception.  The difference today was that I lost a disc that I could consider a “burner” disc (DX Shark), I still have another Shark to replace it. My throwing is a lot better, even had the confidence to play the water hazard holes. I would have been well over par if I was keeping score, but I just play for fun.

It was cool to learn today that there is an old guy that wades the water hazard and pulls out discs and sells them. Closest thing I’ll get to a local shop around here. Also, I learned that he actually calls the numbers on the discs he finds, so I may get that Shark back, yet. He had some different discs, not just innovas and he trades as well. Overall had a fun day on the course, hoping for many more to come.