Today I took on Lagoon Valley Park all by my lonesome and it was a good day. Played a round and a half with zero lost discs and two birdies on the day. One disc was nearly lost to the pond because wind flipped it back, but luckily it landed right on the edge of the water where I could reach.

I also learned on Saturday that I’m capable of throwing in the 300-350 ft range, I just need an unrestricted field to throw on. Now I just need to translate that into the playing field.


Slow Week

Haven’t gotten any rounds in recently :-(. The weekend weather was bad on Saturday and Sunday I went to Six Flags. Hopefully I’ll get some play in this weekend and the holiday on Monday.

Long road ahead…

Played a couple of rounds at the dreaded Lagoon Valley Park, today. Dreaded because I lose a disc there every time, and today was no exception.  The difference today was that I lost a disc that I could consider a “burner” disc (DX Shark), I still have another Shark to replace it. My throwing is a lot better, even had the confidence to play the water hazard holes. I would have been well over par if I was keeping score, but I just play for fun.

It was cool to learn today that there is an old guy that wades the water hazard and pulls out discs and sells them. Closest thing I’ll get to a local shop around here. Also, I learned that he actually calls the numbers on the discs he finds, so I may get that Shark back, yet. He had some different discs, not just innovas and he trades as well. Overall had a fun day on the course, hoping for many more to come.

Catchin’ On

I’ve played a few rounds, now, with the new discs I ordered with my Christmas money…here is my take on each of them.

Mako is absolutely my favorite disc for driving…right now. It flies so straight, even when I throw it. It’s also great for longer layup shots to put me in putting range.

Buzzz I throw when I need more fade towards the end of the shot, but it flies nice and straight as well.

Axis, I’m not all that impressed with and I think it’s partially because I got it in proton plastic, instead of neutron. I almost always turn it over, so, I’ll save it for turnover/anhyzer shots.

The Anode I’m loving as a putter, and it drives pretty nice, as well. I like it for putting on windy days and shorter approaches to put me within putting distance.


Today, I made this putt using the Anode, bouncing it off the tree to the right.


That’s a rough measurement on the putt’s distance.


An interesting way for the chains to catch a disc.


Shot grouping at its finest. I threw these two Aviars back to back during driving practice and this is how they landed 200 ft out.

Weekend Play

I didn’t play or practice much, last week, at least what I can recall of last week. I did watch some Pro tournament play on YouTube and it’s amazing how easy they make the game look. The way they way they play, it looks so casual and easy. Watching tournament play did give me some ideas about how to play, how to use certain shots and what not.

Over the weekend, I did get a few rounds in and my game is slowly improving as I rack and stack all the tips and advice from different people. I’m starting to learn ways to tweak my techniques in order to get the best play for each hole, I’m also starting to put certain discs with certain holes, as well. I’ve found at least two holes on my home course where it is best for me to drive with a putter and it helps me a lot. Of note, by some alignment of the planets I made two 70 ft putts, not even really trying to do anything more than just lay up for an easy putt.



Above are the images I captured after making the putts and the bottom shows the Udisc app I used to measure the second drop for the day.

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I just won a DGA Hurricane in the Inbounds Disc Golf 12 days of Christmas x2 giveaway.

Aside from that, still diligently working on improving throwing form. Having someone that could coach me would make it a lot easier, but still I press on. Also, having multiples of a single type of disc that I use for practice would be nice, so I’m not throwing once, chasing, and then throwing again.

Finally, got some Christmas money I’m looking to spend on some discs. Any who reads this, what you recommend for a beginner? All brands, I’m looking for a lineup of discs from fairway driver down to putter.


The disc golf community sure has a lot of giveaways. Inbounds is doing a 12 days of Christmas x2 and Innova is doing 12 days of Christmas, as well. I’ve entered both contests everyday, hopefully I win something.

Taking a break from disc golf this weekend. Start it back up next weekend, tomorrow ends a week of leave…back to work.