Blogging is not my bag, baby.

As with every other blog I’ve created in my life, I lost touch with this one for a while. So, let’s try and catch it up.

First off, I think my driving form is developing nicely and I can throw with some degree of confidence that my shot is going as I think it should. My drives are getting longer and flying more stable and my discs are somewhat flying as the numbers would predict.

Putting, on the other hand, is not so great. In my back-asswards approach to learning this sport, I need to work on putting. Right now I’ve come rest on Aviars as my putters, but I’ve far from tried what’s out there and look forward to testing some others. In the meantime, my Aviars and my skillshot will be my path towards better putting.

Looking back at my last post, I had lost my Mako and Trak, and Mako has since made it back. The Trak is hopefully in the mail, since a guy in Sacramento found it, but that remains to be seen. I’ve also lost a Buzzz, that was returned this past weekend, and an MVP Axis which still lives in the murk at LV in the big lake on hole #1.


Now, I have added the above to my bag plus a secondhand Champion Leopard and Valkyrie. Mostly, fairway drivers as I try to incrementally increase the difficulty of the discs I throw.

First, let’s talk about Dynamic Disc’s Witness in Lucid plastic. This disc is wonderful! It’s touted as an understandable fairway driver, but I have yet to see a real right turn out it. Two factors are likely causing this, 1. is the heavy winds we’ve had recently, and 2. I’m not throwing as hard when I’m actually playing a round, but, I actually am liking the way it flies given those two factors. It flies wonderfully straight and drops with a slight fade at the end. It even flew a nice path on a hole that I can never throw that we’ll, and it glides for days. In a couple of cases I actually overthrew the hole with enough distance to be out of my putting range. I rarely overthrow. Update: The wind, stabilizes the disc.

The Teebird, I’ll need to work with some to see how it fits into my game. I will say the GStar plastic is incredibly flexible.

That concludes the post I started several days ago.

I will say today, 5 April, I shot a +10 at LV. While that’s not exactly a great score, it’s my personal best score. The wind apparently affects my game a ridiculous amount.


One thought on “Blogging is not my bag, baby.

  1. GSTAR TBirds! WHoop! I picked one up, and it has worked into my everyday bag quickly. It does what you expect it to, very regularly. Yay!

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