Thinning The Bag

Tax season is upon us, and I’m awaiting my return so that I can buy new discs, of course. As if in preparation for this magical influx of money, my last rounds of disc golf helped me thin my bag out a little.

Looking back at my “Rain, rain, go away” post, it rained pretty much non-stop since that point and I haven’t had the chance to put in some work on the course. With that in mind, I finally make it out to my favorite course, because it’s my only course, and throw a couple rounds. It’s my first day back and it’s windy as hell, so naturally, this round did not start out so well. Hole 6 claimed my Vibram Trak, luckily I was playing the round with one our local pond divers, so that one may find its way back. Unfortunately, on my second round through the water hazards the much larger lake claimed my Echo Star Mako, I don’t think they do a lot of wading in the big lake, so it may be lost forever. I’m not too dismayed, though, as lost discs and returned money will fill in the gaps!


This shot on hole 18 made my day, parked on the drive with my DGA Hurricane. Nice birdie!


Rain, rain, go away.

So. Much. RAIN.

Missed playing last Saturday because my wife had to work. It rained on Sunday. I played a quick 8 holes on lunch, on Tuesday, I think. It’s been raining ever since and is expected to rain through Monday. It better fucking rain through Monday, if it’s gonna ruin my weekend, it had better make sure Monday’s training is rained out, as well.