Confidence Boost

Hit the new and improved Lagoon Valley Park this past Saturday, again, and played a whopping 34 holes and came out with all my discs, AGAIN!

Played the front 9 around the water hazard and managed to park hole 4 for the second week in a row. Throws are getting much better, slightly more accurate, with added distance. Hole 4 is a shorter hole, my favorite throw of the day was on 14, not sure of its distance, but put the drive within 15 ft of the hole. Used my Lace as a test on the second time playing 14 and it worked out in my favor. Dropped the putt for a birdie (full disclosure: it was a second attempt as I missed the first shot with the Aviar, made it with the Wizard).


The picture of the Lace near the basket.

Now to just keep developing my form so those throws with my distance drivers get better, and better. I’m ready to play my next rounds!


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