Catchin’ On

I’ve played a few rounds, now, with the new discs I ordered with my Christmas money…here is my take on each of them.

Mako is absolutely my favorite disc for driving…right now. It flies so straight, even when I throw it. It’s also great for longer layup shots to put me in putting range.

Buzzz I throw when I need more fade towards the end of the shot, but it flies nice and straight as well.

Axis, I’m not all that impressed with and I think it’s partially because I got it in proton plastic, instead of neutron. I almost always turn it over, so, I’ll save it for turnover/anhyzer shots.

The Anode I’m loving as a putter, and it drives pretty nice, as well. I like it for putting on windy days and shorter approaches to put me within putting distance.


Today, I made this putt using the Anode, bouncing it off the tree to the right.


That’s a rough measurement on the putt’s distance.


An interesting way for the chains to catch a disc.


Shot grouping at its finest. I threw these two Aviars back to back during driving practice and this is how they landed 200 ft out.


One thought on “Catchin’ On

  1. You’re gonna be SO psyched to check this out in a year, man. You’ll develop your form and muscle memory, and the discs will respond differently. Your discs will age (hopefully with a little grace), and your throwing will make them behave differently. You’ll adjust some more. You’ll find some new discs, learn some more technique, and need to adapt AGAIN. It never grows old…

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