Weekend Play

I didn’t play or practice much, last week, at least what I can recall of last week. I did watch some Pro tournament play on YouTube and it’s amazing how easy they make the game look. The way they way they play, it looks so casual and easy. Watching tournament play did give me some ideas about how to play, how to use certain shots and what not.

Over the weekend, I did get a few rounds in and my game is slowly improving as I rack and stack all the tips and advice from different people. I’m starting to learn ways to tweak my techniques in order to get the best play for each hole, I’m also starting to put certain discs with certain holes, as well. I’ve found at least two holes on my home course where it is best for me to drive with a putter and it helps me a lot. Of note, by some alignment of the planets I made two 70 ft putts, not even really trying to do anything more than just lay up for an easy putt.



Above are the images I captured after making the putts and the bottom shows the Udisc app I used to measure the second drop for the day.


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