Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I just won a DGA Hurricane in the Inbounds Disc Golf 12 days of Christmas x2 giveaway.

Aside from that, still diligently working on improving throwing form. Having someone that could coach me would make it a lot easier, but still I press on. Also, having multiples of a single type of disc that I use for practice would be nice, so I’m not throwing once, chasing, and then throwing again.

Finally, got some Christmas money I’m looking to spend on some discs. Any who reads this, what you recommend for a beginner? All brands, I’m looking for a lineup of discs from fairway driver down to putter.


One thought on “Winner, winner chicken dinner!

  1. Diligence is key. Throw everything you find, and try not to get rid of the discs you don’t like. You will change as you practice, they will change as they get beat up. You’ll find yourself wondering if you can turn over that Boss that you hated the first time you threw it. For me, the answer is NO, I still hate it. As you discover that the key to good scores lies in your putting, try Gateway Wizards. Oh me, oh my. Still my faves!

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