Disc Confusion

Learning to play disc golf is not simply learning how to throw. It’s a long and winding path. Learning new terminology, learning myriad discs, disc speeds, glide, turn, fade. It can be overwhelming. Furthermore, it’s even more difficult because you (I) want to go out and buy the best discs, the newest and greatest.

Often times what those (me) new to the sport aren’t aware of is that these discs are meant for those with experience throwing them. It’s hard to believe that a disc can have a minimum required skill level, something that seems like a toy. This leads to frustration and is more likely stop someone from continuing in the sport. At least, younger players, a younger me, would probably quit. Growing older and putting my thoughts in this medium is helping to keep me leveled and pushing forward in the game.

TL;DR use discs commensurate with your skill level.


2 thoughts on “Disc Confusion

  1. Don’t believe it until you throw it! Some discs are RIGHT OUT for me, but I throw some others that “the man” would tell me I’m not ready for, yet.

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