Stand Still

Yesterday I did some experimenting with a theory, after talking with some guys about how a baseball swing is not far off from a disc drive. So, I think that if I’m a right handed batter, I might be a left handed driver because my left arm more naturally follows the path your arm takes in a proper disc drive. So, I tried left handed driving for a while with not much progress and then right hand again and still no progress. Here are my self-diagnosed problems:

1. Consistency- I need to pick a style and run with it. Practice one throw until I’m good at it.

2. Realize that I’m not going to be awesome as a beginner. I tend to be, at least, somewhat decent at most sports, so it kills me when I’m not automatically good.

3. I over think things. I’ve always done and I get paid to do it, now. My friends always tell me, “don’t think, just do.” I never listen, though.

4. There’s not enough time in the day, especially during DST. I work M-F, 7:30-4:30…that gives me about 30 minutes daylight to throw in if I leave work on time. I have been trying to get some time in during lunch, as well.

So, today I took a “back to” basics approach. I found this video that has the beginner in mind in teaching how to throw. I’m now trying a standstill, loose swing of the arms to try and get the body rotation down. Now, I just need to pick up some lower speed discs. All I have now is a DX Leopard 150g…but it’s just too light. Ready for Christmas already so I can pick up a couple of other discs. Now to do some research on what I want to try.


4 thoughts on “Stand Still

  1. Work? Hmm… I”ll have to look into that…

  2. I think the 150g Leopard is an awesome beginner disc. One thing for certain (at least for me), is pick one disc and keep throwing it until your arm falls off. I think you’ll find that just practicing with one disc, your throws will generally get straighter and longer. The disc will start to perform as intended. Only once I mastered driving with my Leopard, did I try messing around with another disc.

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