Took to the course today to try and fix my driving form, not that I had one before, but as with anything new I let frustration get the better of me.

Rewind to a few hours earlier, I went with one disc (DX Beast 172g) to attempt to make some suggested changes to my driving form. Wind was pretty heavy blowing North to South. I made my initial throw on hole 7 (TAFB), throwing with the wind, this throw was meh. I threw around the field using holes 8 and 5 as starting points. Hole 8 was a right to left crosswind, the Beast fought the wind pretty well but I still had that nasty fade that landed me pretty well off course near hole 5. Hole 5 is an uphill throw and the crosswind was left to right. As soon as the disc left my hand, the wind took it into a huge rising anhyzer flight path…bleh. Threw one against the wind back towards 7 and got a huge rise and dive. Man, I suck.

Went inside for a few, warmed up and then hit the field again at hole 7. Did a couple warm-up motions and then on the third, or fourth, let the disc rip. Very first shot was just short of an ace. Holy crap, maybe I can do this. Followed similar throw pattern as the first time out, further solidifying that the Beast does not do headwinds or take wind from the left on a RHBH throw. Feeling good…

Picking back up on a couple rounds of really playing, I decided to only take three discs. Force myself to focus on one disc at a time.

Round 1, I took the Lace (172g Xlink Firm), Trak (166g Xlink Firm), and an Aviar (150 DX). I can’t say it was my best round, but I pulled at least one birdie…don’t really remember the results but it wasn’t good, nor was it horrible.

Round 2, I took the Beast, Trak, and an Aviar. This round was riddled with horrible throws and mounting frustration, which brought even more horrible throws. In this round, I managed to throw a disc in a road that is very easy to miss, and nearly take out some USAF Security Forces while simultaneously hitting a car they were standing next to. Luckily, the SF just thought it was cool to see someone playing disc golf because he’s never seen it before.

Needless to say, the Lace is coming out of the bag for a while, it’s just too much disc for me right now. The O-Lace is way too much and will be removed, as well. Tomorrow, I’m gonna play three discs again with the Trak as my main driver and a DX Shark (150g), with an Aviar and see how it goes.

Future posts may/should include pictures.

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One thought on “Frustration.

  1. As you get better, they will find their ways back into your bag. I’ve been lucky enough to throw a wide range of discs (I swamp a local pond for the discs some folks leave behind), and I’ve found some molds that I can throw easier than others. As I’ve tuned up, some of my chunkier discs, like my lace, have become productive, again.

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